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A thought for a rainy night

The discovery of fire as something useful was very important to the advancement of humans. But the genius of the discovery was when those early humans found it was portable and could be moved without burning the mover. That was an Ah-Ha!!! moment in our evolution.

Night Waves

Night Waves: Oil on canvas, 12×24, $525.


A thought on the genius of invention

We are taught that one of humankind’s great inventions is the wheel. I beg to differ. Picture if you will a person carrying a heavy load of bricks while riding a unicycle. The genius of the invention is not of the wheel its of the concept of joining two wheels by there centers with an axle.

A small watercolor entitled “Offshore Florida” on exhibit at P.A.St.A in downtown St Augustine. 11×14, $200.00

Opening at Professional Artists of St Augustine Gallery

This is the First Friday of June!! Time for the Art Walk. Tonight I am celebrating my inclusion in the Professional Artists of St Augustine Gallery by opening my first exhibit at the Gallery. If you can, stop by and view the wonderful artwork shown by the 19 artists of the group. An example of my work that will be up is: ” Harbor Traffic ” a watercolor framed at 11×17 inches for $250.00.
Harbor Traffic, watercolor 11x14

Hope to see you there.