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Plien air painting at the beach.

Yesterday I tested my plein air rig at Vilano Beach. The Artist Anonymous group met at 6PM and we lucky band of artist (five in number) scattered to pick our painting places. Four set up around the shore end of the pier and I headed for the ocean side of the peninsula.
There was a fresh breeze keeping the area cool and the tide was coming in almost at high ebb. I got my tripod, chair and back pack out of the car and set it up. There is a slight sand bluff and the waves, choppy and breaking close were sliding up onto the lower reaches of the bluff. The tripod worked great and held the small canvas firmly. I got the paint stuff out and realized that some of the colors I should have brought were not there and some that were not needed crowded the box of paints.
I popped open the box containing the jars of mineral spirits and the fresh ocean breeze (nearly 20 knots directly off the ocean carrying some spray with it) took my carefully folded paper towels and sent them winging toward Gainsville (some distance to the west of us). As I sat and observed what I was going to paint I realized the fresh breeze was bringing with it sand and some water.
I took out a canvas which had an undercoat and blocked composition on it already and started to paint.
OK, I have a lot to learn about looking at moving waves and transferring the image to my brush. But I had time, the sun was setting slowly and the light was great. —- ‘All vehicles must be off the beach by 7:30″ announced the sheriff’s patrol car. I looked at the time and decided that I now needed to see if there were any problems packing up the stuff. No, not an issue.
My work for a half hour of swishing a brush on a canvas is not for publication but will serve to mark a beginning for my future learning.
Two weeks from today we will be at a place where there are wide marsh vistas. No sand and water blasting my serenity.

Ah, its a learning process. I have time and the Artist Anonymous group seem patient.


New Month Coming


An oil painting titled “Hull Down”. This and other new works will be going up on the 1st of October.

The start of a new month marks big changes at the P.A.St.A Gallery where I exhibit here in St Augustine.  We all move from the spaces where our work is now hung into new spaces.  In addition we take all our works home and replace the with new works.

The first Friday Art Walk will be on the 5th of October.  I invite you all to come down and enjoy the art and food.  The Gallery is at the corner of Charlotte and Artillery Streets.  We are the oldest gallery of its kind and are located in the heart of historic old St Augustine.  We have twenty artists with a wide variety of works.
Among the works I am exhibiting will be a watercolor of the USS St Augustine which was lost while escorting convoys along the US Eastern seaboard.

We hope to see you at the gallery.

Today’s art happenings at St Augustine

Went to the Vilano Beach pier, no rain but storm clouds. Nothing in particular of interest to me. Went over to the ocean side. Spectacular confused sea and short break on both offshore bars. Clearing skies through the storm clouds led to a scene that was not unlike W. T. Richards. Sketched and will paint inside. I’m working the Gallery at P.A.St.A tomorrow. Stop in if you get a chance.